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Bill Wurtz's “history of the entire world, i guess” is a masterpiece. In under 20 minutes, he covers hundreds of fascinating events and concepts. The pace is crazy fast, with one-second jingles telling the creation of religions and the fall of civilizations. …

Initial Scan & FTP

I started with a fast nmap scan:

nmap -A -T4 -oN initial_scan.txt

Which returned this information:

Try it for yourself here.

Deployment and reverse image search

After the machine deployed I opened the website and got prompted by this friendly clown:

You can look at the source code and play with the generator here. The story of creating it goes like this -

Part 1 — Perlin Noise

The idea for the mini-project emerged after I watched part of a great Youtube series about Perlin Noise. I’ll explain here the basics you need to know for…


Enjoying many things, with a strong incline to Info-Sec and Programming.

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